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Thread: Gasohol and Piston/Diaphragm Fuel Pumps

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    Just noticed Autozone extended the warranty to lifetime (when Autozone sold Airtex branded units a year or two ago they were only 12 month warranty). If you don't mind buying two, so you have a spare on hand to drive to the store on when the first pump's seal goes bad, you will never have to buy another one -- just keep swapping lifetime warranties between them.

    Speaking of lifetime warranties: Autozone's computer system is nationwide -- you can so a warranty swap anywhere in the country. Advance's computer system is local -- you can only do a warranty swap at the store of purchase unless you bring a receipt with you.

    Bill Robertson

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    That's an Airtex unit. If you've already got a pump under warranty at Autozone you could save a few dollars and swap an eBay pump under it if/when it fails (identical to Autozone's unit so they'd never know the difference).

    Bill Robertson

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    I think this looks like your photos -

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    Second pump does indeed look like the rotary Spectra pump I am currently running.

    You paid for an Autozone warranty, so I am going to do my best to find a rotary pump at Autozones to/from DCS next week.

    Bill Robertson

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    Well, now many many years later and my airtex pump from the original bill carb kit is not holding up on highway and has crapped out on me a few times driving home from Tom’s house. It would stall my engine and then only work if I put put around l. I purchased the spectra pump with lifetime warranty from autozone and I am going to fit it into Bill’s carrier (not that I remember a Carrier)one weekend coming up soon. I hope it’s as easy as bill makes it out to be. I am assuming it will work just fine submerged in the tank just like the original airtex unit I have in there now. That seems to be the way bill describes it- direct replacement.
    Now we’ve had just ‘bout enough of that !

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