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Thread: Autozone heater valve

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    Autozone heater valve

    I installed mine in the front of the car near the heater core.

    Thanks Steve!

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    Which means u get rid of this:
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    How hard was it to route the vacuum line - can you do it easily with everything together?
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    The old plastic line plugs into a vacuum tee behind the the hvac controls. It is relatively easy to find it, pull it off, then replace with a short run of hose to the hole where the Evaporator lines exit. I did mine with the seats out.

    The vacuum hose size is the same as the hose that connects to the stock heater valve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattDavid View Post
    Which means u get rid of this.
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    Matt, that's a neat idea and well done! At least when this one fails you won't have coolant all over the engine compartment. What is the AutoZone part number?
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    It's an Everco 74612. Dave Swingle doesn't like it, because he said if it fails, it could suck coolant into your vacuum lines and make you think that you have a blown head gasket. I am willing to accept that risk.

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