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Thread: looking for an old friend named Walt Coe

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    looking for an old friend named Walt Coe

    Does anyone know who originally created and started this forum ??? I'm looking for an old friend named Walt. Of the 2 popular Delorean forums in the US, he launched one of them. This was probably between 2002-2004. From the Tampa, FL area, he moved to the Baltimore, MD area about 8 years ago. I've not been in contact with him since. Prior to his moving, he'd passed the "rains" for the forum over to another member. Prior to his moving, he'd sold his 4 Deloreans.

    I've tried locating him through different avenues on the internet and thus far have had no luck.

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    He didn't start this forum but that name sounded familiar so I searched it. According to this thread, he is in an institution in NC. A lot of member names are mentioned so you could reach out to them via pm and maybe get some more info. Bear in mind this thread is over 5 years old.

    I believe the site you are referring to (that Walter started) is this one
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    Thanks Goat for sharing what you know.

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