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Thread: 80's Excesses & Debauchery

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    I've been very busy with my friggin' home renovation, and not even thinking of my DeLorean, but last night I thought of you guys.

    I was out with my wife at a bar where an old friend's band was playing. I met a couple who are mutual friends; the wife was an 80's chick, the husband was a 70's guy that reminded me of Mr. Jim. They were having a playful disagreement about when all the good music started (there was no disagreement that today's music is shit.)

    The wife said: "Everybody was having a good time the 80's, then that Nirvana-shit started in the 90's and ruined was so depressing and not fun." Sound familiar?! -LOL!

    I told the wife her husband was actually correct about the success of the 80's began in the 70's....the 70's laid the groundwork with solid talent, then the 80's got the party started.

    I also said: "In the 70's, everybody was smoking weed, dropping acid, and being groovy......the 80's came and everybody started doing cocaine & really livened things up -lol!" They both totally agreed with that assessment and we continued to have a great conversation about music. We agreed it really says a lot when kids today listen to their parent's music instead of their own generations' tunes....kinda pathetic, actually.

    My friends' band ended the night with a Def Leppard tune; the 80's chick went nuts, and her 70's husband agreed there was some damn good music in the 80's.

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    Speaking of 80's excesses and debauchery, Jan Michael Vincent of Airwolf fame passed away recently. If there was an actor who personfied 80's hard living It was JMV. The stories from the set of Airwolf could have only happened in the 80's.

    RIP Jan Micheal Vincent!

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