I don't know how else to say this, but Bill has been banned from DMCToday. Bill has been a friend for many years, but something happened and he has drastically changed.

I'm a pretty laid back guy and I am willing to look past a lot of stuff. I was even willing to forgive his lies about his account being tampered with and not working (which I proved him wrong by publicly posting his reset password for the world to see).

Unfortunately, today I learned that his "nuclear" way of fighting back was to cause Chad to lose his job. Bill made repeated calls to Chad's employer, ultimately resulting in Chad having to leave his field of work for a period of one year.

Bill has admitted to trying to get me fired from Uber (fortunately this doesn't matter to me much since it is only a part time gig) and it is my belief Bill would attempt to cause me to lose my real job if he knew who my employer were. Fortunately no one really knows who I work for.

So it is with great regret that I am banning Bill from this forum. If anyone needs to reach out to him, he can be found on Facebook.