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Thread: Clock Parts, Pigtail

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    Revisiting my clock project, looking for three parts:

    1) Defective OEM clock. Will be using it for its outer dimensions and also to dissect it, MUST be in good outer condition! No chips, cracks, etc. Internals must also be shot, refuse to sacrifice a sellable part for this or I'd do it to my own.

    2) Clock wiring pigtail. Looking for the part that goes from the car to the plug. Doesn't matter how short the wires are, I'm trying to find a guinea pig for testing new clock plugs.

    3) Damaged clock surround. NOS is $80, I'm looking for one that has scratches, damage, dents, dings, etc. Again, purely for fitment tests, so the clock area must be intact.

    #2 is the big one for me as I can't source this anywhere without paying an arm and a leg for the entire car's wiring!
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    Clock plug has been identified (finally!), no longer need the pigtail.

    Still looking for a damaged surround and a defective OEM clock (or just the case).

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