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Thread: Bitchy Next Door Neighbors

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    Bitchy Next Door Neighbors

    Just now I was welding in *MY OWN BACK YARD*, thank you very much. My bitchy next door neighbor comes over and complains that I am blinding him.

    1) He works in a factory. He has worked in that factory as long as I've lived here (1988). Surely some time in the past 25 years somebody has welded something in his factory. Arc light should not be a novel concept to the man.
    2) It's my fucking back yard. If I want to weld in my own back yard, that's my business. Stop looking in my yard and the light won't bother you.

    I've been debating whether to cut down the out of control bushes between our houses. He just made the decision for me -- as soon as my garage is finished, the bushes are coming down so he can look at it all the time. I might even add on to the damn thing just to spite him.

    There's an easement on that side of the property so I can't extend the building right up to his property line, but I can pour concrete....

    Bill Robertson

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    Bill, What you should do is move the welding into HIS yard,that way he can't complain about you welding in your yard!!! or have a video about how to piss off asshole neighbors with your welding!!

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    I'll give you three guesses who complained to the city that I was "storing junk cars," first two guesses don't count.

    That actually was the occasion for getting #2508 road worthy and tagged. I had 30 days to finish repainting and rebuilding the front end, finish flipping the headlight buckets upside down (fiberglass modification and fascia reinforcement), piece the electrical system back together, etc. My intention was to finish the back end by December 31, 2012, but a certain neverending garage project put the quash on that. Since I am actively in the process of building a garage, that should buy me some grace from the city should he ever complain again (to be honest he may have done that, which might explain some of his current bitchiness -- nah, he's always been bitchy).

    On the other side are two retired Methodist ministers. They bring me lemonade while I'm working.

    Guess I'm caught halfway between Heaven and Hell.

    Bill Robertson

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    Just costed out concrete while taking an A/C break:

    My current driveway stops 6 feet from the property line. Mr. Grumpy probably doesn't realize that because of the out of control Red Tips along its edge (non-Southerners don't know about Red Tips -- they are the landscaping equivalent of Kudzu).

    To widen my driveway 6 more feet will only cost $721 if I pour and float it myself.

    Can you spell "game on?"

    Bill Robertson

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    I've always wondered if my junk carport offends my neighbors. At one point, I had my 65 Mustang on jack stands in my carport for almost 6 months. I'm sure it was a bit of an eye soar.

    Well, today I was thinking of cleaning up my messy carport but my dad showed up with a car to work on. We replaced his broken window regulator and I decided to go inside and postpone picking up my messy carport once again.

    As I was inside getting ready to relax someone knocked on my door. To my surprise it was my neighbors's wife (he works out of town a lot). At first I thought she might be there to complain about the mess, but instead she asked for help replacing blades on her mower.

    I went over, although I was already exhausted, and an hour later the blades were replaced.

    Thanks to doing them a small favor, I should never have to worry about them complaining about my carport. My neighbor on the other side is a bit nosy (he might even be reading this) but he is very cool and easy to get along with. I do small favors for him when I can as well and for years we have been getting along just fine.

    Perhaps Bill needs to bring his pesky neighbor some lemonade. Just joking. I've had some neighbors that were difficult to get along with as well. My guess is that Bill's neighbor thinks he is better than everyone else in the world.
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    My neighbor is convinced the neighborhood is going to Hell in a Handbasket. Many of the houses have indeed transitioned into rental property, which definitely brings in a different demographic. The lady across the street is a particular piece of work -- unfortunately for him there is no ordinance against whirly gigs, lawn creatures, A frame swings (plural), etc in your front yard. I know the less than white family that moved in on the other side is a sore point (ironic because they rake and mow their yard fastidiously, albeit after dark with headlights on the riding mower). Believe it or not he complained to the city about one of the house's lawn not being mowed (there is an ordinance about that) -- turned out the owner had died.

    If he had a front porch he'd probably sit on it, shotgun in his lap, yelling at the neighborhood children to get off his damn lawn.

    Kiss my butt -- fall is coming.... (Pouring concrete seems like a nice past time after the heat of summer is over).

    Bill Robertson

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    Forgot to mention: the lady directly across the street is from Queens NY. He's only tangled with her one time. Her relatives periodically show up en masse, which curiously coincides with his weekend trips out of town.

    Bill Robertson

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    My neighbors wear exotic headgear and cook things that make the halls smell funny. I would kill for a garage... even if it came attached to a bitchy neighbor.

    Before undertaking this war of attrition, I would invest in some cameras. I'm paranoid like that.
    Bungee Cup Holder Guru

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    i have a nosy older lady neighbor thats always asking questions... i let it slide because she bakes me cookies when i snowblow her driveway and she always calls the cops when stupid kids try to graffiti my garage.
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    And this is exactly why I prefer having no adjoining/direct neighbors

    Nothing but farm fields in all directions. This year, I have soy surrounding my property, with corn across the street. Closest neighbor is 1/4 mile away to the south. Next closest neighbor is 3/4 mile away to the north. Everyone in the neighborhood pretty much keeps to themselves, except to wave at you should they be driving by while you're working out in the yard.

    The best part about my property is that it is located in a completely unzoned township and has no building regulations/ordinances, thus you can actually do whatever you want to do on your own private property. Imagine that, real freedom - what a concept, eh?
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