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5609: The Story of a Remanufactured DeLorean Part 2 of 5

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The Way Home

I hung up the phone. My hands were shaky, my heart was pounding. I have been in some high dollar poker hands before and I hoped my poker face was better than my DeLorean face. Did that just happen? Did I really just buy my dream car over the phone sight unseen from a complete stranger? OK, the pictures look nice, the frame looks nice, why shouldn't it be nice? It's a DMCH remanufactured car with 1,700 should be perfect right? Was that guy a Nigerian prince? I can't remember, I'm too excited.

"Guess what honey...I bought a DeLorean!" I exclaimed coming out of my office. She wondered if I meant another toy model or the real thing, but the look on my face answered that question before it was asked. Maybe my poker face isn't so great. The next few days she planned a flight down for me and my room for the night. She was thinking about coming with me, but it's a long drive, what if the car isn't comfortable? What if I get stranded? She declined to go and to be honest I was a little at ease because I wasn't too sure myself. "D Day" was set for Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2009, about 10 days away.

10 days later I rose from my hotel bed,...I tried to sleep for the long drive in front of me, but it was a hopeless battle between logic and mind against sheer excitement and anticipation. I didn't sleep one wink...ok maybe 1, I nodded off around 6:30 am with the alarm going off 30 minutes later The night before was a blur. I was on an airline right? It's coming back. The flight itself was vacant, I was one of 5 or 6 travelers. We departed at sunset and arrived as the city was gearing up. I remember looking down at the lights thinking, "somewhere down there my car is waiting".

Morning was finally here, we had arranged a meeting point a block or two away from my hotel. As I was walking and talking on the phone with him, he says he is close. I happened to look up and I saw 5609 in person for the first time. It was a fleeting glimpse from several hundred feet as he exited the freeway, but I knew that was my car. A few minutes later it whipped around the corner and I was face to face with my dream car...not my dream car, but MY dream car! This one is MINE! We chatted it up while I was being driven to the museum in Boca Raton to sign the paperwork. I remember him telling me after smashing the pedal "See, it has decent power"...I said "you don't need to make excuses, I know what I'm buying". We discussed the history a bit and once at the museum I started inspecting the car. Basically I just looked the undercarriage over the engine compartment and I knew it was the same one from the pictures, so I was good. There were a few small issues, the CD changer didn't work and the Sub didn't work. I knew these were things that probably did work but just needed to be "massaged". Seriously, for what I got this car for I wasn't about to argue about a busted radio. I was cool so he took me to show me his collection.


He was not very familiar with DeLoreans, but he did have a nice museum, I got a quick tour of about 70 cars and I would have liked to have stayed longer but I needed to get on the road. I was in Boca Raton and home was almost 1,000 miles from me. We parted ways and I was off about 11am. As I left the office I walked towards my car for the first time. "Try not to smile" I told myself...Why?, smile, that's what you do when you are happy you idiot. What a shame it was that I was so close to Daytona Beach but didn't go. I should have driven her on the sand and got some good shots. I should have taken a lot more pictures than I did, I should have even video recorded my journey but I didn't, I was too worried about this unknown car that I had never seen before today. I was about to rely on this car to carry me through 4 states and over 2 mountains, this car that even when new didn't have the best reputation for reliability. Push that out of your mind, you came this far, all you have to do now is just drive home. Set course for Tennessee...Engage.

The trip home was indeed uneventful. It was a picture perfect day, 70 degrees, sunny, a perfect day for a road trip, and a perfect car for it. During a lunch break, I started reading the mountain of manuals that came with the car. Not just the car itself, but the books for the speakers, sub, amplifier, head unit and CD changer.


I fooled around with the stereo and figured out how to turn the sub on, and the audio was all out of whack probably due to a dead battery sometime in the past and nobody knew how to adjust the settings on the head unit, or cared to.

I did have one incident. I was unaware of how the bonnet release felt, so at a gas stop I pulled the release handle trying to feel the distinct "pop" of a panel under pressure being released, but the bonnet was already open. I fueled up and a few hundred miles later I repeated this step at the next gas station. Something was different, there was nothing but a dangling handle. At the last stop I pulled too hard and snapped the cable, now I couldn't open the bonnet! I slowly clicked in my little brain that I couldn't put gas in my car! Now that gas flap thing makes sense. Ohhh but I was a smart one, I purchased a small cheap tool set before the trip for just such an emergency. I would just use the wire snips, cut the cable housing exposing fresh cable, and pop the bonnet with a pair of where is that tool kit? The voice in my head replied,

"In the trunk genius."

So off to another parts store for another pair of cutters, then get some gas. An hour later I was fueled up and back on my way.

I crossed into Georgia around sunset and stopped at a rest station. I took these, the first pics of my car under my care. You can still see the Texas state inspection sticker in the windshield:


Another 4 hours of driving and I was still in N. Carolina. It had turned colder now and I was thinking I could be home in 3 hours, but I have one more mountain to cross, did I want to do that in this car that I still wasn't sure of? I decided since I was so very sleepy and tired I would stay the night and be home by lunchtime tomorrow. I updated my thread on, took a shower, and went back outside to look at my non-functioning CD changer. 2 minutes later it was fixed, someone had incorrectly loaded a CD tray in the magazine. After a quick once over, I locked the car and went to bed....this time I slept.

late the next morning I arrived home hoping the neighbors were out so they could see this sleek stainless marvel of mine. I rolled into my driveway, honked the horn and in my excitement, somehow locked the door while at the same time opening the latch...and trapping myself in my sleek stainless marvel. "OK, don't let the neighbors come out just yet" I crawled out through the passenger side, fooled around with the lock for a minute and to this day I don't know why that happened, and it has never happened again.

Now the OCD starts. I grew up in squalor. We were very poor, OK, maybe not poor by world standards, but definitely the lower side of the lower class. My parents did not bother with keeping anything in our trailer clean or tidy. It was horrible filth, (ever watch Hoarders?) . I was out of that place ASAP. Now I am anal to a fault, I think my childhood home has a lot to do with that. My home stays clean, it stays orderly. I don't even like it when my wife leaves magazines on the table(especially when she leaves them open and folded over, that really bothers me for some reason). I am always organizing things and if things get too cluttered(I hate clutter), I go into "clean mode" and trash everything that I can't find a home for. My wife hates this as I toss out a lot of stuff she wanted to keep like coupons, magazines, or boxes.

I had to wash this car right away, even though it would just be a quick wash, I needed to knock the dirt off. My wife came out and shot me in my very first stage of "DeLorean" OCD:

I of course didn't stop with just a wash. I had already taken the day off so what else was I to do? I gave it a light detail and familiarized myself with the car. I read the owners' manual again, checked the tires, oil, trans fluid, etc. to make sure nothing had leaked out from the trip. That night, I cleaned myself up and went for a quick drive in familiar territory and introduced 5609 to her new stomping grounds. It was a nice cool night, I was refreshed and I was calm now that my car had made it home. I could trust her now and I could relax and finally truly enjoy driving my dream car. I stopped and took a few more pictures. This remains one of my favorite pictures of my car, not because of the aesthetics, it's deeper than that.


You might notice a little something different about the above shot and the car that I was washing a mere few hours before. See the little hood emblem? Before I even went to pick up the car, I noticed the emblem was missing in the ebay auction pictures. In the 10 day waiting period (AKA Hell week plus 3), I had bought the hood emblem, an led door light kit, and parts for a 30k service. Yeah, I know it has less than 2k miles, but I didn't want 2 year old oil, and I did want a baseline start point for reference...after all, this was a brand new NOS transmission right? It should have had the fluid changed after the first 1,000 miles, and I didn't know if it had been done or not. Over maintained is better than under.

Part 3:
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My DeLorean


  1. NightFlyer's Avatar
    Not long after I had purchased my car, I also experienced an issue with the hood release cable becoming detached from the pull handle. The cable didn't break/retreat into the cable cover/sheathing though, thus, I was able to simply re-wrap the end of it around the stud and bolt it back down to the handle in a pinch/compression type of attachment. Hasn't caused me any problems since.

    When on vacation with the car in South Dakota, ex fiance 1 managed to royally f up the lock on the passenger door. Luckily, I was able to fix it in the hotel parking lot, but I still don't know what she did or how she managed to do what she did. One night, she failed to close the door sufficiently, leaving the incandescent passenger door lights on all night, thus necessitating a jump start in the morning. From that day forward, I always check the passenger door when carrying a passenger, often times insisting that I open and close the doors for them, unless I've trained them on how to do so properly.

    And yes - first order for me whenever buying a used car is to do a complete fluids change and lube job. I once sold a car to a guy a car show car corral. Three months after the sale and he had taken possession, he called me wanting to know if I could tell him when I had last changed the oil, as he didn't know if he needed to do it right away or if it could wait a few thousand miles - I shook my head in disbelief......
  2. NightFlyer's Avatar
    BTW - Nice looking conversion van
  3. Dead Lesbian Goat's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by NightFlyer
    BTW - Nice looking conversion van
    That's my work van, a mobile body shop basically.