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04-05-2014, 10:28 PM
Not really, I just ended my "Crusade" (I guess you could call it) over on the Talk site. I publicly stated I was done being an advocate and I think I made the bias apparent to everyone. So things should calm down now. But they still think I'm Bill, so I might get banned there anyway. Hey I even posted a joke in a thread
Accipiter posted in and I didn't say anything mean to him. (Even though he did call me an asshole)
I hope the (2) PMr's aren't disappointed in my decision to be peaceful there from now on.
If so I apologize. But maybe it's for the best.

I'm still insulted by Josh and will never view him the same way again. Trying to stick up for us and he goes against me, Jeesh!

04-05-2014, 10:43 PM
I dunno if I feel you made the right move by ending the advocation of the oppressed Talk members Roy, but you do what you feel is right, just as you did when you first became a member here and there.
I just feel that you appeased them and now they have won, once again.

And I am surprised at Josh for that too. :(

Greasy DeLorean Mechanic
04-05-2014, 10:47 PM
But they still think I'm Bill

Oh please -- they can trace your ISP (that's how Mike Lund and Ron Pirckle were figuring out my aliases).

Bill Robertson

04-05-2014, 11:09 PM
Prof Roy - I apologize if you interpreted anything that I said as being insulting. I can assure you that nothing I said was intended to be insulting to you. As for your dissatisfaction with Talk moderation and its hypocrisy / double standards - you're preaching to the choir here my friend. After all, that's why this site exists and we're all here participating on it, right :)

I just didn't understand what more you hoped to achieve by continuing to aggravate those who administer/moderate Talk, and risk getting yourself banned from there. You exposed the hypocrisy / double standards, shook things up, and effectuated some changes resulting in a member losing their status/power as a mod. But there comes a point when all the preaching in the world begins to fall upon def ears, and does nothing more than exacerbate things, as opposed to making them better. If you want to participate over there, you do so by their rules under the realization that they're the gate keepers, and if they want to protect their favorites or let them get away with behavior that would not be tolerated by others, that's their prerogative - simple as that.

Things over there have gotten a lot looser over the last year, but Talk is never going to be like Today, no matter how much we'd prefer it to. And that's fine - there's nothing wrong with that. We have this place to call our home. And we should let them have their home the way that they like it to be as well.

There are a lot of good people over on Talk, just like there are here on Today. That's why I like being on both forums. I for one would like the two forums to be friends, rather than enemies. And the best way to do this is by allowing them to have their house the way they like it, while we carry on by doing our thing here the way that we like it. After all, isn't that a true conservative approach?

I look forward to seeing you around both forums, as they both have a lot to offer to the DeLorean owner/enthusiast.

Take care, be well, and more than anything - have fun on both forums, as that's what it's truly all about :)