View Full Version : How was your fourth of July?!

Duplicate Account
07-04-2013, 10:33 PM
I flew down to Sarasota as a guest of my gf. Earlier we went to John Ringling's 1920s mantion...
It is a great old house. Also, the adjoining museums were great. Then we went out on a friend's boat into the bay to watch fireworks. It was a great day and I hope you had a great 4th as well.

07-04-2013, 10:50 PM
Too much in one day for me. I got satellite internet installed, parents came over to BBQ, and then a pool party. While I was gone all sorts of drama seems to have exploded on the internets. Boy its good to be back in front of a computer. It stinks having a life sometimes.

07-06-2013, 12:00 AM
Spent the day, and Friday, doing home repairs and over-due yard work. Lawn mower repair was admittedly a rig job using parts from an interior shelving hardware kit - but hey, that's what happens when you hang out at DMCToday.com :cool:

07-06-2013, 09:37 AM
I got some work done on the car (see photo) and then some friends came over for dinner. We couldn't really do the traditional Independence Day meal, since we'd both had burgers the day before, so my fiancÚ made fajitas and corn salad instead. :)

07-06-2013, 12:25 PM
No that is a fancy relay compartment. I like what you did with your circuit breakers. Very elegant.

Farrar seems to have removed his lock module as well. He is a very smart man.

Duplicate Account
07-06-2013, 03:23 PM

A pic from the bow of the sailboat I was on today.... nice lotus esprit in the background. Weather is great down here