View Full Version : Delorean Cars and Parts Wanted

  1. Wanted: Door pull straps without ring
  2. Driver's Side Quater Panel
  3. Looking for a second DeLorean. $15k
  4. Wanted: all metal radiator
  5. Wanted: Black Passenger Knee Pad
  6. Wanted: A-Pillar Windshield Trim Gray
  7. wanted: clutch disc core
  8. Wanted: Small center console piece
  9. wanted: Center Headliner Boards (Both pieces)
  10. 5 speed Transmission Rear Cover Assembly Part # 103048
  11. WANTED: Rear interior trim panels with armrests (Cover up rear speakers).
  12. Wanted: My first Delorean (or assistance in finding one)
  13. Eagle Premier 3.0 PRV - Volvo B280 Engines wanted!!
  14. Wheel Trade (or Purchase) Thick Cast for Thin Cast
  15. Wanted: Used Tail Light Boards
  16. Wanted: Fuel Pump Sender and Fuel Pump Boot
  17. Looking for a project car (I dont mean project lite)
  18. Anyone have the rear headliner panel?
  19. Anyone have an old non working RPM relay laying around I can buy?
  20. Need a center armrest in black
  21. For Sale - Automatic Transmission
  22. Want to Buy: Old Driver Side (Cylinders 4-6) Camshaft
  23. 2 Parts Needed: Ignition Lock Cylinder & Inop Drivers Window Motor
  24. OEM dashboard
  25. Looking for Gray Floor Mats
  26. [WTB] Volvo B280 Idler pulley brackets
  27. Looking For a project car in Canada
  28. WTB - Original Rear Shocks
  29. Wanted - Early-Style Coolant Piping
  30. Gas-flap hood wanted
  31. Wanted: Girling rear brake calipers
  32. Gearlinkage
  33. Looking for a used metal coolant tank.
  34. Want to Buy 5 speed transmission/K-Jet setup will sell or trade
  35. WTB Rear Fascia
  36. WTB Grey Dash and Binnacle in good condition
  37. WTB: One single wire w/ pin from K-Jetronic Lambda box plug
  38. WTB: OEM Headliner boards
  39. WANTED: Piece of wiring harness off the fan speed switch
  40. Need a clutch fork
  41. WTB: Broken angle drive
  42. WTB: Original locking gas cap
  43. WTB: Front Frame Extension
  44. WTB: 2 x OEM Defogger Switches
  45. Wanted: Used/ Broken Turn Signal Switch
  46. Delorean for trade. Dodge Charger and C3 Corvette.
  47. Searching for 1st Delorean.
  48. Recovered Binnacle for sale
  49. 1981 DeLorean Hood
  50. WTB: 1983 Delorean DMC-12
  51. Looking for wrecked/salvage Deloreans. Fiberglass bodies and chassis.
  52. Left rear hub carrier
  53. Wtb 1983 dmc
  54. Wanted: Top door section
  55. WTB: Seat Covers
  56. space saver rim
  57. WTB Window Switch
  58. Dead, near dead and non-operational radios wanted
  59. Anyone have used sill carpets?
  60. WTB: Manual Transmission
  61. Looking for fuel injection parts.
  62. Very Early OEM Leather Binnacle (NOT DMCCal recover!)
  63. Nice automatic chassis on eBay.
  64. WTB Brake Master Cylinder
  65. WTB: RH valve cover
  66. Wanted: Sump and Sandwich Plate
  67. WTB Rear Fascia
  68. WTB: Original Defogger Switches
  69. WTB Manual D Needing Extensive Work
  70. WTB Various Parts
  71. Clock Parts, Pigtail
  72. Ignition coil compartment cover
  73. Wanted: Stainless shifter knob
  74. Black stainless shift knob
  75. I need a speedo cable caliper bracket
  76. Looking for DeLorean Automatic
  77. Need a used fascia
  78. 2.8 Oil Pan
  79. WTB Cargo Net
  80. Lookin for some parts....
  81. Parts Smorgasbord
  82. Ac compressor brackets, bolts, components
  83. Passenger Side Valve Cover