View Full Version : Common Modifications

  1. Single Piece Headliner
  2. Eagle Premier starter
  3. DMCNW's Side Skirt bracket kit
  4. Door lock/latch modification - WEDGECTOMY
  5. Custom Tail / Brake Lights
  6. DPI's Tygon "NO SWEAT" Clutch Reservoir Hose
  7. Remove Top Throttle Spool Spring for Lighter Pedal
  8. Side Marker Lights as Directional Indicators
  9. Stainless Steel Fan Shroud & Flex-A-Lite Cooling fans
  10. Jet Black Carpets ***Merged with Black Dyed Carpets***
  11. Ground Bus
  12. A/C Evaporator Box Drain
  13. LED Courtesy Lights
  14. Ford Duraspark Ignition
  15. Band Clamp for Catalytic Converter --> Muffler (stock exhaust)
  16. Autozone heater valve
  17. Saturn Alternator
  18. Convex Mirrors
  19. HVAC illumination via headlight circuit
  20. Move AC Console Vents for Radio with Fold out Screen
  21. Aftermarket Wheel sizes 7" too big for the front?